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Subud Wolfsburg


Leuthold + Henriette Aulig,

Tel: +49-5365-943944,



Roberta Simonsson,

Tel: +49-5361-893454;



Deutschland e.V. Gruppe

Wolfsburg Nordstadtstrasse 26,

38448 Wolfsburg.

Tel: +49-5361-66216

Latihan Hours:

Wednesdays & 

Fridays             at 19:00

Sundays           at 10:30


latihan              at 10:30

About Subud Wolfsburg

This 160 year old property has been used by the Wolfsburg group for 55 years now and was actually the first property, that was renovated and built up for the purpose of getting together and doing the Latihan – the first subudhouse ever.


The national office of Subud Germany (open every morning of the week) is also located on the premises. The spacious, wind protected, grounds are set in a delightful surrounding.


Wolfsburg is worth a visit: The Renaissance Castle of Wolfsburg, which encloses various museums, is within a five minute walk. The centre of town can be easily reached on foot, by bicycle or by bus. Wolfsburg is home to the car manufacturer VW. The plant and the car museum, are well worth a visit. Also the “Autostadt”- a theme park impressively presenting all VW brands - is within walking distance.


All kinds of Subud meetings take place at the Wolfsburg Subud house all round the year and it is also used for festivities of members and their friends and families. The Wolfsburg property comprises one large hall, two smaller meeting spaces, and a fully equipped kitchen. The three guest rooms on the top floor are presently rented out to students, who work at VW. However, the ‘Park Hotel’ in town – owned by a Subud member - is frequently able to offer special week-end rates when events are happening at the Subud house, and many members are also happy to have guests at their homes.

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