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Subud Sei Gohong, Rungan Sari - Kalimantan

Latihan Hours

Sundays    W  10:30

                  M   11:30

Tuesdays  W   19:00

                 M     20:00 

Thursdays W   16:00

                  M   17:00


Rungan Sari

Jl Tjilik Riwut km 36

Sei Gohong, Palangka Raya Central Kalimantan 73225


M Mustafa S A S Syarif,

Secretary of the Sei Gohong group

About Subud Sei Gohong, Rungan Sari - Kalimantan

We are called the Sei Gohong group, located within the Rungan Sari land, near Tangkiling in Kalimantan. This is the land where, since 1981, many Subud members have bought plots to build houses on. A joint venture company was recently established to develop the first 25 ha. of land. Rungan Sari, the name given to the project by Ibu Rahayu, mean ‘the spirit of the river Rungan’, and the company that will develop this first phase is called Rungan Sari Permai ‘the beautiful Rungan Sari’. The Latihan Hall is about 100m from Ibu Rahayu's house, where the families of Madji Haryono and Mustafa Syarif are currently living. Next to it is Ibu Yati's house. A large group of members do latihan regularly at the Sei Gohong group, and on Sundays they are frequently joined by members from the Palangkaraya group. Within easy walking distance is the Muhammad Subuh Centre with its large Pendopo and meeting rooms. To one side of this is the eco-village. At the entrance to Rungan Sari itself, is the Kalimantan Meeting Centre with guest and meeting rooms, as well as a restaurant.

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