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Subud Sao Paolo


Sam Trosman at or

Paolo Egedy at

Chair: Sam Trosman, Paolo Egedy


Rua Francisco Leitão, 709

Jardim América 05414-020, 

São Paulo, SP metro station :


Latihan Hours

Mondays  M       7 pm

Wednesdays M  6:30 pm

Meetings with candidates,

one hour before the latihans

About Subud Sao Paolo

Since 2002, Sao Paolo members were feeling from their latihan the necessity to have their own house. The fact that the group has been so transient has had an effect on some members’ latihan. Members hoped that having a solid place, a “kedjiwan headquarters,” would help strengthen and deepen members’ latihan. In addition, the group believed a house would not only ensure the future of Subud in Sao Paolo but would also provide a place for current projects and enterprises, as well as a library. Finally, it felt a house in Sao Paolo would be important for the development of Subud in Brazil, since Sao Paolo is the largest and most central city to other Brazil centers.


Currently, there are only 80 to 100 members in this vast country and it has not been growing for the last 10 years. In the aumtun of 2004, after many efforts and much hard work, and with the support of the Muhammad Subuh Foundation, they were able to inaugurate their new centre.

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