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Subud Norwich


 +44 1603 614883

Chair: Hassanah Wilson

Latihan Hours

Mondays 20:00

Wednesdays 13:00 (women only)

Thursdays 20:00 (women only)

Fridays 20:00 (men only)


6, The Close Norwich Norfolk NR1 4DH

About Subud Norwich

The Norwich Subud house is located within The Close - a walled-in area surrounding Norwich Cathedral which used to be a monastery. It is believed that the house itself may, at one time, have been the Almoners granary from where food was distributed to the poor. There is very little traffic within The Close, so it is a quiet, pleasant area to stroll through, and the cathedral is impressive. Norwich itself is a beautiful, middle-sized town. The comfortable house has two latihan halls. 3 flats are currently permanently occupied but longterm lets are often available, as well as short visits. Staying over night (self catering) costs GBP15 (around 22.50 euro) per person.

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