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Latihan Hours

Mondays   W 15:30

                  M 20:30

Thursdays W 15:30

                  M 20:30

Saturdays  W15:30

                  M 15:30


Centro Subud Mina Clavero

Subud Mina Clavero

Chair: Adela Conti

About Subud Mina Clavero

The small village of Mina Clavero (6,000 inhabitants) is located in a valley to the west of the Sierra Cordobesa mountain range, at about 850 kms to the north west of Buenos Aires. It is here that a group of Subud members have created a lovely center on the banks of the meadering Los Sauces (The Willows) river. Various homes of members, a graceful and spacious latihan hall, and a guest house currently make up the project. The center has become an ideal setting for national and international gatherings, for spending a time of quiet and fasting, or for having a delightful holiday enjoying the stunning surroundings. Added to all this is the fact that the mineral composition of the land itself is such that it has an energizing effect. This is the place to find the zest that is missing in city life! Those who have been to Mina Clavero more than once will be quick to tell you that the easiest route to get there is to fly to Sao Paolo, Brazil, and from there to Cordoba. The road trip from Cordoba to Mina Clavero is about two hours by car and three by bus, passing over Altas Cumbres (High Peaks), which rewards you with an outstanding view of the valley below. Getting a taxi from the village to the center is cheap and uncomplicated seeing as everyone knows the "Centro Subud". Of course, Buenos Aires is worth a visit, but as a stopover to Mina Clavero it means flying much further south than necessary and changing airports.


The guesthouse can be rented for $45 a night and includes two bedrooms, each with two beds, a bathroom and living/eating area with kitchenette. Special prices can be arranged for longer stays. If you would like to visit Mina Clavero, please contact Adela Conti at contic at or Alfredo Kock at manantial at

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