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ul. Patorjinksoyo 25a, 49051 Dnjepropetrovsk.

Latihan Hours:

Simultaneous Men and Women

Mondays 18:00

Wednesdays 18:00

Fridays 18:30

Sundays 11:00


Contact: Renata Dunn at

About Subud Dnepropetrovsk

The Subud House is in the centre of the city in a quiet street. Access is through an archway on the main street by which you enter into a courtyard with an old, two storey house built in red bricks. The Subud Centre has nice, clean and bright rooms. There are two big rooms, covered with carpets, inviting to do latihan and a big kitchen to meet, have tea and chat. The first floor of the building - in former times two flats - and a small garden behind now belong to Subud.

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