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Subud Den Haag


Rachel Otto:

Latihan Hours:

Sundays     W 12.00   M  12:45

Tuesdays   W 20.30   M  21:15

Fridays       W 20.30   M  20:30




Van Aerssenstraat 1, 2582 JD

Den Haag

About Subud Den Haag

The members of Subud group The Hague purchased this early 20th Century mansion in 1981. Surrounded by a luscious garden, the semi-detached house is based in a quiet part of town, a lovely neighborhood close to Scheveningen beach. The house has three floors and a cellar. The ground floor is used by the Subud members, the upper two floors are rented to members and other parties. On the ground floor an L-shaped 100 m2 latihan room can be split into two separate rooms. The well-sized open kitchen has a seating area. A smaller €˜quiet room€™ and a spacious stairwell offer some extra space for the group. The Subud house is frequently used for national latihans and meetings.

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