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Subud Toronto

Contacts :
Mark McGuire,
Bethelene Hart,
2170 Danforth Ave.Toronto, Ont. M4C 1K3    416-421-0929
SUNDAY: Men & Women: 
Quiet period 11:30 am, Latihan at 11:45 am
Quiet Period 7:15 pm, Latihan at 7:30 Men: Quiet period 7:45 pm, Latihan at 8:00 FRIDAY: Men only: 
Quiet time 7:45 pm for Latihan at 8:00 pm

About Subud Toronto

The Subud Toronto group rented latihan premises until l970, when they moved to a small two-storey storefront building at 1189 Woodbine Avenue in Toronto. They were able to buy this property from their sale of a ski chalet, designed by architect Herbert Stewart and spearheaded by Karsten Smith, that a core group of about five men had built over two years, from l968 to l970, working every weekend and most holidays. The chalet is located about 100 miles from Toronto near Collingwood. One member of the core group was Hardwin Blanchard, an American who drove up to the site almost every weekend for two years from his home in Rochester, New York. In the summer of 1970 the chalet was honoured by a visit from Bapak, who was making a stop at Toronto during a world tour. Bapak's first action was to walk past the chalet to the rear of the property where there was a view over Georgian Bay. "Buy land," Bapak said. One of the members took the hint and bought the adjoining lot, which was sold six months later for a substantial profit.


Fourteen years later the group sold their Woodbine property and made a down payment on their present property at 2170 Danforth Avenue, one of the major east-west streets in Toronto. Many volunteer members did major renovations from 1984-1986.


The Danforth property consists of three buildings. Most of the property generates revenue. There is a small store at the front, a two-bedroom apartment over the store, and a government rehabilitation agency occupying a building on the left side of the Subud premises, which are behind the store. With the mortgage now paid, the group is in a healthy financial position. Moreover, being in an advantageous location in Toronto, the real estate value of the property is considerable, with further increases in value being likely as the years roll on.


The building housing the Subud quarters is a two-storey facility, approximately 20 feet by 80 feet, with the men's latihan room, lounge and washrooms on the ground floor and the women's latihan room and a rented office upstairs. There is a good-sized kitchen off the lounge. Parking space is ample. The Woodbine subway station is one block away.

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