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Bucelas Subud Retreat

Contact for inquiries/bookings: (Subud Portugal email)

+00351 96 3262 131 (Lucas Almeida)

+00351 91 8687 187 (Maria Duarte)



Rua do Centro Cultural nº 27 - 2nd flr,

1700-106 Lisbon

Latihan Hours:

Mondays   (ladies)13h00/19h00    (men) 20h00

Thursdays (ladies)19h00               (men) 20h00

First Sunday of the month (ladies) 10h45

Some other times by arrangement

Bucelas Subud Retreat

The Bucelas Subud "quinta" (a kind of small country property) is located about 20Km north of Lisbon, in a tranquil area that has resisted modern development. It can accommodate 20 people. The area has good public transport to Lisbon and is a 30 to 40 minute drive from the international airport. This Subud property includes about 4 hectares (10 acres) of land set in a very pleasant vineyard (Bucelas is well known for its Arinto white wine variety) and native woodland surroundings, with a river and a waterfall except in the hottest season.

The latihan hall was inaugurated by Bapak during one of his visits to Portugal and

some may remember the very large and successful youth gatherings there before the

1983 World Congress. Nowadays some of the charm of this Subud "Retreat" needs lifting up, but

it keeps its uniqueness and serendipity.

Be it for a relaxed short stay, an active/creative retreat or a rustic meeting place, we would love to have you visit this magic spot.

For Inquiries/bookings please contact us at (Subud Portugal email)

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