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Subud Warsaw


Maya Korzybska


UI. Tucholska 24 


Metro: Plac Wilsona


Latihan Hours:


About Subud Warsaw

Budapest is a favorite destination for visitors to Eastern Europe and for those interested in a city with old world charm. Close to theaters, the opera and museums, the Subud House has a room available during short visits to the city. Located in the heart of the city in a pedestrian only zone, Subud house (above the ice-cream parlour!) has a separate double room for guests.


The Budapest group began in the mid eighties with few men, but became an official group at the end of the decade when some women were opened as well. Rahmaniyah Bowden's autobiography, Honour and Duty, where she speaks about Subud and the deep impact it had on her life, was published at the beginning of the new Millennium, resulting in a marked increase in people joining. The group now has close to 40 members. They welcome and look forward to showing you their city.



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