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Subud Colombo


No, 38, Frankfurt Place Colombo

4 +94-11-2586739

(Please note, the caretaker only

speaks Tamil. For other details

please call the contact person).


V Sinnadorai;

Tel: +94-11-2422645 (Office)




Rukman Jacob;

Tel: +94-11-2632951


Miriam Jacob;

Tel: +94 777209170 (Mobile);



Rumi Bathusha;

Tel: +94 773505199 (Mobile);



V Sinnadorai;

Rukman Jacob;

Miriam Jacob;  

Rumi Bathusha

Latihan Hours

Sundays noon    12:00 Simultaneous M and W 

Wednesdays      19:15 Simultaneous M and W

Fridays               19:15 Helpers

About Subud Colombo

The present Subud house is located just three miles South of downtown Colombo City, with ocean front location on the western coast of Sri Lanka. It has spectacular sunsets overlooking the vast Indian Ocean and the coastline. Subud Sri Lanka moved into the house at this location in 1963 and by strange circumstances purchased the property for a bargain price in the early seventies. It lost exactly half the land to road expansion and the present structure with very modern architecture was completed in September of 2004. It is an impressive building with eleven thousand square feet and three floors. There are two Latihan Halls and two bedrooms for visitors that are rented to Subud members only for a nominal fee.The top floor was built as a rental and the building was financed mainly by the compensation paid for land acquired by the government for road expansion. It is perhaps the most valuable piece of real estate in the Subud world.

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