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Subud Central London



Amadeus Centre

50 Shirland Road

London W9 2JA


Some other Sunday morning Latihans (Check at least 24hrs in advance with in upper hall on Sundays and Thursdays, Men on Monday

Latihan Hours:

Simultaneous Men and Women Mondays   18.45

Thursdays 18.45 and  20:15      

Sundays    18.45

and 10.45am on Sundays released by the business + Kejiwaan days on first Sunday of February (9.45am), May (10.45m), August (10.45am) and November (9.45am)




About Subud Central London

Latihan is held at the group's property, The Amadeus Centre, and entrance to the building is at the end of the side street, Braden Street, going downstairs. The Centre is run as a business, hiring out the venue, and is staffed by both Subud and non Subud staff. The group has recently taken over use of 'the Cottage' which is a small apartment within the building, with access from Braden Street.

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