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Subud Bad Vöslau


Hassan & Farah Czwiertnia

Austraße 1 2542 Kottingbrunn,


Phone +43 720 90 21 31


College Garden

Johann Strauß Straße

2 A-2540 Bad Vöslau

Latihan Hours:

Mondays:        7 pm  M and W

Thursdays:      7 pm  M and W

About Subud Barcelona

Bad Vöslau is Austria's second largest group next to Vienna. We moved in spring from Kottingbrunn, our former Subudlocation to the Collage Garden, a hotel in Bad Vöslau. Easy to reach from Vienna with the train. Some of you may know it from the last Zone 4 Meeting in 2012.


Sisters and brothers from abroad are most welcome. Feel free to contact Hassan or Farah Czwiertnia for accomodation.

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