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Subud Amanecer - Armenia


Ricardo Jimenez Avilan (Oliverio)


Kilometro 4 Via al Valle,

Vereda La Popa,

La Tebaida, Quindio



The telephone number of the Hosteria is: +57 (9) 67 537964 (you only dial the 9, dropping the first 57, if you are elsewhere in Colombia or when calling from outside you do not dial the 9.

Latihan Hours

Mondays and Thursdays,

W   18:30 in the Salon Quindio

M   19:00 in the Gran Salon  


W  11:30 in the Gran Salon

M  11:30 in the Salon Quindio

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About Subud Amanecer - Armenia

The construction of the Amanecer Centre began on July 20th 1990 in the coffee growing region of Quindio in the Colombian Andes. The beautiful hall was completed in time to host the 2000 members attending the 9th Subud World Congress in 1993. Today sixty adults and fifty two children live there.


A guest house, 'Hosteria', is located at the centre with a total of 24 rooms. These have from one to four sets of bunks with shower room. There are also 3 suites which include a double bedroom, shower room, kitchenette and living room. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The normal price to spend the night is $13.00 per person. Special offers are made for Ramadhan and other events.



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