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Subud Alpujarra


For availability of accommodation

Marc Vouga, Architect,

Muctar Nankivell, SESI Rep,


Jaramuza Project Orgiva


Google Earth:

Latihan Hours:

Sundays: W 11:00 am

                M 12:00 pm


(On the first Sunday of the month

there is often a simultaneous latihan

at 11:00 pm using a yurt nearby

followed by a group potluck lunch

but best to check!)


Monday:   W 10:30 am

                 M   7:00 pm

Thursday: W   5:30 pm (Winter),

                       6:00 pm (Summer)

                 M   7:00 pm

About Subud Alpujarra

The home of Subud Alpujarra is the Jaramuza complex which is about 2 kilometres South of the village of Orgiva between two large mountain ranges (the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra de Lujar). The site includes the Latihan Hall and a swimming pool and there is a concentration of members homes around the complex some of which can be rented out, plus the village also has a well developed tourist infrastructure because of the region's natural beauty and excellent climate. In addition to the members who live permanently in Orgiva there are frequent visitors on vacation and members who live elsewhere with second homes in Orgiva. Most of the members are from northern Europe and the common languages are English and Spanish.



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